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Ethan’s Review : The Hurt Locker

Hurt Locker


If someone asked you what the least successful sub-genre of films today were, you would probably come up with three answers : a) Video-game adaptations, b) Films starring Nicole Kidman and c) Iraq War/Middle-Eastern Conflict movies. The problems of the first two are most mostly hack directors and Botox. But for c), the issue that often leads to both critical and financial failure doesn’t just simply boil down to “TOO SOON!”. It’s simply that there universal ideas about war and humanity aren’t properly approached. There aren’t usually any characters. Mostly there are just political talking heads. Even those that attempt to paint themselves as thrillers, like The Kingdom and Body of Lies have clumsily handled unoriginal generalizations that they try to pass off as “subtext”. But Kathryn Bigelow’s The Hurt Locker does something completely different.


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Dave’s Review: …Around


Dave’s Score:  8.5/10

Let’s be honest for a minute.  When you hear about some independent movie that “just hasn’t found its audience”, it’s usually because there’s no audience to find.  On rare occasions, however, a really nice film comes along and pretty much defines the term pleasant surprise.  Enter …Around.

…Around centers around the story of Doyle Simms (Robert W. Evans).  He comes from a poor, broken home in Jersey and he finds a way to get into film school in New York City.  He falls in love with a girl(Molly Ryman), life gets complicated and there is resolution at the end.  Doesn’t that just sound like most of the crap that hits theaters these days?  Well, …Around isn’t your typical crappy movie.  I’ve purposely boiled down the story this far just to illustrate how bad a movie like this could be.  The great thing is that this isn’t a bad movie at all.  This movie is a true find for lovers of film. (more…)

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SGR Episode 66 – Our Oscar Picks

This week, we give our Oscar picks and somehow end up trying to come up with pr0n names for some of these movies.  This one probably isn’t for the kids.  Show notes are inbound.

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DiCaprio Wants To Remake Wargames and Why It Won’t Work


This one has been brewing in my mind for a couple days now.  WarGames is one of my favorite movies from the 80’s.  I remember my folks taking me to see it and how much my dad loved it and still loves it.  Well, /Film is reporting that Leonardo DiCaprio wants to remake WarGames.  I know this is going to be a shock, but here’s an internet guy about to say that it’s going to suck.  What might be different is my reasoning as to why it’s going to suck and how it can’t possibly work today.  I’ll explain after the jump.  *WARNING:  GEEKY EXPLANATION AHEAD*


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GIGANTIC StarFest Guest Update

I knew that when it was confirmed that William Katt was coming to StarFest in Denver, Steve and Kathe Walker were off to a good start.  What I couldn’t expect, however, was just how many awesome people would be lined up with more still to come!  I’ll post these in order that they’ve been announced.  If you’re a geek ANYWHERE near Denver, CO, you’re crazy not to come to StarFest and join in the fun.


Robert Picardo has established himself firmly in the Star Trek universe with his portrayal of the holographic Doctor in Star Trek:  Voyager.  In fact, Mr. Picardo was easily the highlight of that show for me.  For us movie geeks, though, you’ll know Robert Picardo as a mainstay of Joe Dante’s films, appearing in The Howling, Explorers, Innerspace, Amazon Women on the Moon, The ‘Burbs, and my personal favorite as Forster in Gremlins 2:  The New Batch.  Mr. Picardo will be at StarFest for all three days.


Ethan Philips is most likely known by those attending StarFest as Neelix in Star Trek Voyager, but he is a GREAT example of actors who have an extremely varied and versatile filmography.  If you’re a child of the 80’s, you know you’ve seen him on Benson.  You’ll also recognize him from his appearances in films like Glory, The Man Without A Face, Wagons East, and Bad Santa.  He’s currently working with HorrorFest guest Ford Austin on the film Dahmer vs. Gacy.  Mr. Phillips will be appearing at StarFest for all three days.


Brent Spiner is obviously known to everyone for his role as Commander Data in Star Trek:  The Next Generation.  Did you know, though, that he also appeared in Tales From the DarksideNight Court and Sledge Hammer! in the 1980’s?  Mr. Spiner always adds a lot of fun to the movies he appears in.  My favorite appearance of Mr. Spiner outside of TNG may very well be when he played Dr. Brackish Okun in Independance Day.  Mr. Spiner is currently appearing in a production of Man of La Mancha in Los Angeles and has also release an album of musical radio drama called Dreamland with Mark Hamill and Maude Maggart.  Mr. Spiner will be appearing at StarFest on Saturady, April 18th.


Katee Sackhoff went into Battlestar Galactica in a pretty tough position.  As if changing the gender of Starbuck wasn’t enough, it’s very easily argued that the change in tone from the original series to the new series changed the character of Starbuck more than any other character in the show.  Fan backlash began before a frame had been filmed.  If Ms. Sackhoff was phased in the slightest, she’s never shown it.  She has confidently taken the reimagining of Starbuck and made it hers.  She has taken what was really nothing more than a playboy and created one of the most compelling characters in science fiction today.  Ms. Sackhoff will be appearing at StarFest on Saturday, April 18th.

We had a great time at StarFest last year, but this year is shaping up to be even better and more fun!  We’re also working on planning a bit of a get together while in Denver for fans of our show, Geek Radio Daily and The Jesus Geeks as all three shows will have representatives at StarFest this year.  While we will make every attempt to talk to as many guests as possible, there is no guarantee that we will be able to talk everyone.  Some guests’ schedules will just simply be too busy.  We’re also looking forward to seeing who comes out for HorrorFest and we’ll be posting some video of the fun as well.

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SGR Episode 65 – Movies That Make Us Cry

Sorry for the delay on this one.  This is actually last week’s episode.  Hopefully this week’s will be up tonight.  This week, Ethan and Dave open up to their sensitive sides and talk about the movies that make them cry.

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SGR Episode 64 – This Space For Rent

We thought we’d give everyone a break after three straight marathon episodes.  That, and we need to plan for future episodes.  This week, we talk the news and releases of the week.  Show notes after the jump.

[display_podcast] (more…)

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