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Michael Clayton: Ethan’s Review

Longtime listener/reader Ethan has been checking out some of the films up at the Toronto International Film Festival and he was kind enough to send us a a review of Michael Clayton.  I won’t waste any more time.  On to the reveiw!


Ethan’s Score:  8.5/10

We’ve had plenty of legal thrillers in the last few years. They all seem to be decently made, but not original. Well acted, but not Oscar worthy. Entertaining, but not insightful. But Tony Gilroy’s Michael Clayton gives the genre a kick in the ass and manages to be original, feature Oscar-worthy performances and be insightful!


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Introducing the ScreenGeeks Mid-Week Film Snob

Have you ever had a film snob mock you for not having seen Fritz Lang’s M or Bergman’s Wild Strawberries?  Well, we’re here for you.  Instead of making fun of people for having not seen great film works, we will be taking this mid-week release as time to discuss great films, exactly what makes them great and why they’re worth checking out.  These discussions will range anywhere from 5-15 minutes, but we’ll try to keep them somewhat short.

This week, we talk about Preston Sturges’ Unfaithfully Yours.  If all you’ve seen is the crappy remake with Dudley Moore, you’ll definitely want to give this a listen.  You can check the full spcecs of the Criterion release on their official site.

Film Snob Episode 01

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SGR Episode 11- Please Remake This!

This week we talk about movies that actually should be made, and Dave makes a startling admission about Children of Men.  Hit the jump for show notes and news links.



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Halloween: Dave’s Review


Dave’s Score:  3/10

If you had told me that Rob Zombie, master of the macabre in his music videos was going to make a Halloween movie that made the Care Bears look scary, I wouldn’t have believed you.  Unfortunately, while there is plenty of gore and boobs, there is a very distinct lack of horror.


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SGR Episode 10

This week, we talk about boxing movies and the TV shows we want to see on DVD.  Show notes will actually be coming tomorrow.

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ScreenGeeks Radio Episode 09

This week, we talk about school movies along with DVD and theatrical releases.  Show notes will be coming tomorrow.

Our thanks to Josh Green from for joining us again.

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ScreenGeeks Radio Episode 08

Yup, we actually recorded an episode and here it is!  We talk about last weekend’s movies (Becoming Jane and Stardust), DVD’s (Doctor Strange and Inland Empire) and tons about Comic Con.  Since we were winging it this show, there will be no show notes, but we hope you enjoy the show.

Our thanks for Josh Green from and Christopher Stipp from for joining us.

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Site Update This Weekend

It just dawned on me a couple of days ago that we’re running SG on an older version of WordPress.  This version won’t let me use all the tools I want to, especially when it comes to posting shows and video clips.  Therefore, I’ll be working on installing a new version of WordPress.  Hopefully, none of you will notice any differences in the site outside of possibly the way posts are linked to.  Oh, and the show is going to be awesome this weekend.

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Doctor Strange DVD Review


By Dave Minkus
Released by Lionsgate Films
Released August 14, 2007

In the interest of full disclosure, I’m not very familiar with the character of Doctor Strange.  I know that my dad used to read him a ton when he was younger, so I know the basics.  Doctor Strange actually used to be a doctor.  As a matter of fact, he was an extremely gifted surgeon.  He also happened to be a complete jerk.  He eventually gets into a car accident and loses the use of his hands at a surgical level.  Devastated, he ends up being coaxed by a mysterious man into going to Tibet where he becomes a great sorceror and eventually Sorceror Supreme.  Oh, and his main bad guy is a creature from another dimension (essentially Hell) named Dormammu.

Got all of that?  Well, that’s pretty much what you get when you watch Doctor Strange.  This is the fourth animated feature that has come out of Marvel Animated Features, partnered with Lionsgate.  The other features have been Ultimate Avengers 1 and 2 and The Invincible Iron Man.  Obviously, this title takes a markedly different approach from the previous film simply because of the source material.  The very pleasant surprise is that the makers did a great job on this one.


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New Episode Next Week

Just to make sure everyone knows, we are indeed recording an episode this weekend and will be putting it up early next week.  Our next episode will have us discussing the highs and lows of Comic Con along with stories that were completely missed by major sites.

I’m also extremely pleased to announce that joining us as a special guest this week is Christopher Stipp, writer of the Trailer Park column over at, among other things.  He’s a really good guy and I think we’re going to have a ton of fun.

Also expect a few DVD reviews to pop up this weekend along with some articles.  We’re starting to get going full speed on the site and hopefully we’re not on a train headed toward a wall.

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