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SGR Episode 156 – 2011 So Far

This episode, Barry and Dave talk about the films of 2011 so far.

SGR Episode 156

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SGR Episode 155 – This Space for Rent

We spend this episode talking about the week’s news

SGR Episode 155

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SGR Episode 154 – The Criterion Collection

We’ve never hidden our love of The Criterion Collection.  This episode, we discuss the films we discovered due to this amazing collection.

SGR Episode 154

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SGR Episode 153 – Useless Franchises

This episode, we discuss the franchises that never should have been in film.

SGR Episode 153

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SGR Episode 152 – X-Men Films

Billy Flynn from Geek Radio Daily joins us to talk about the X-Men franchise.

SGR Episode 152

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SGR Episode 151 – David Gordon Green

In this episode, we discuss the films of David Gordon Green, who has had one of the more interesting careers of any director working today.

SGR Episode 151

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SGR Episode 150 – Terrence Malick

As much as we wish Barry could talk about Tree of Life, he can’t. With all the buzz about the film, though, it just made sense to do an episode about his other films to help prepare us for what’s coming our when when the film opens wide.

SGR Episode 150

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SGR Episode 149 – Jerry Bruckheimer Films

This is the first time we’ve ever done a show about a producer, but there’s little doubt that Jerry Bruckheimer was instrumental in changing the landscape of American action movies. Jack from Scree

nGeeks UK joins us for the discussion.

SGR Episode 149

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SGR Episode 148 – Song Of the South Revisited

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SGR Episode 147 – StarFest 2011 Wrapup

Partially recovered from their con-daze, Barry and Dave talk about the weekend that was StarFest 2011.

Check out these sites for their StarFest coverage as well:
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Twisted Geeks

SGR Episode 147

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