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SGR Episode 94 – Tom Green

Yup, this is the one.  Dave and Ethan talk about the ouvre of Tom Green.  It’s a more in depth and intellectual discussion that you might think.

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SGR Episode 93 – Wes Craven’s New Nightmare

Our series on Wes Craven continues.  How could we do a series without a Freddy movie?  The answer is, we can’t.  We also have a great discussion about Roman Polnaski.

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SGR Episode 92 – Craven’s The People Under the Stairs

This episode, we kick off our series on Wes Craven with The People Under the Stairs.

JC Hutchins

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SGR Episode 91 – Panic Room

We finish our series on David Fincher and have a debate about Panic Room.  We spend an obscene amount of time talking about what we saw this week and….welll….we sing a little bit.

Our thanks to Paul and Storm for giving us a drop (even if Dave did a crappy job of recording it) and letting us use one of their songs after the show ends.  They are currently on tour with Jonathan Coulton.  If they come near you, you REALLY need to catch their show.  I’m working on the bootleg of their set as well and will post it when finished.

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SGR Episode 90 – Fight Club

We get back into our David Fincher series and talk about arguably his most popular movie, Fight Club.  We also give you a couple DVD reviews before they come out and have a great time in general.

Many thanks to Jonathan Coulton for giving us a drop.  You can find all his music at his website.  If you’d like to know what his live show is like, you can download the entire show in one convenient .zip file from his concert in Denver that I recorded.  If he’s coming to your neck of the woods, I can’t recommend you catch him enough.  You’ll have a great time.

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SGR Episode 89 – In Memory of Josh Green

This week, we’re joined by Josh’s mom, Roxi, and we celebrate Josh’s life and read some of your e-mails and play a voicemail.


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SGR Episode 88 – Summer ’09 Wrap Up

We’re back!  Barry and Dave are joined by Chris Stipp from Quick Stop Entertainment to talk about the movies from the Summer of ’09.  Also make sure to catch Chris on Monday night as he guests on the /Filmcast!

Discussion of the Disney/Marvel purchase by Steve from Collider and Peter from /Film.

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SGR Episode 87 – Fincher’s The Game

This week, we tackle Fincher’s third film, The Game.  We also talk briefly about John Hughes’ passing and Spielberg directing Harvey.

John Hughes correspondence

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SGR Episode 86 – Comic Con ’09

Unfortunately, ScreenGeeks wasn’t able to have a presence at Comic Con this year, but we fortunately have friends who went.  Andy Adair from and Chris Stipp from Quick Stop Entertainment join us to talk about the insanity that was the 2009 San Diego Comic Con.

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SGR Episode 85 – Fincher’s SE7EN

Dave’s good friend Rob Stennett, author of The End Is Now, joins us to start our series on David Fincher.  With the background sound effects, we really couldn’t have picked a better film to start with than SE7EN.  Seriously, that was going on during the episode.  We couldn’t have faked that if we wanted to.

Jonathan Coulton tour dates (SG members will be at the 9/18 show)
Ink Release Schedule (We’ll be at the Manitou Springs showing on 9/1)
Rob Stennett’s Blog and Twitter

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