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SGR Episode 84 – Dante’s Matinee

We wrap up our series on Joe Dante with a fan favorite, Matinee.  It’s a wonderful film that’s insanely hard to get ahold of for some reason.  If you can find, just buy it and thank us later.  Speaking of thanks, Christopher from graciously joined us to talk about this fun film.

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SGR Episode 83 – Dante’s Explorers

This will make for an interesting episode as there are two distinct generations represented on ScreenGeeks.  Wanna guess which generation just won’t connect with it?  Listen on to find out!

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SGR Episode 82 – Just the News

This week, Dave and Melissa talk about what we’ve been watching, talk a bit more Transformers 2 and look at the news and releases of the week.

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SGR Episode 81 – The Howling

While the topic this week is Joe Dante’s The Howling, we really spend the majority of the episode talking about Transformers 2.  Chris Stipp from Quick Stop Entertainment joins us for part of the show.

io9’s review of Transformers 2


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SGR Episode 80 – The Burbs

We get our Joe Dante series off to a start with a favorite among fans, The Burbs.

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SGR Episode 79 – The Hudsucker Proxy

We wrap up our series on the Coen Brothers with their sublime The Hudsucker Proxy.  We also have Chris Stipp from Quick Stop Entertainment join us for a discussion of Up and The Hangover.  Top it all off with an interview with Jamin Winans, director of Ink, and we’ve got a jam-packed episode!

Find out more about Jamin Winans and Ink at the official Double Edge Films website, Twitter and Ink Facebook page.

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SGR Episode 77 – Blood Simple

Our Coen Brothers series continues with their first film, Blood Simple.

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SGR Episode 75 – Hail, the Conquering Hero

This week, we talk about Wolverine in fairly great detail and finish our first director series with Preston Sturges’ Hail, the Conquering Hero.

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SGR Episode 74 – The Great McGinty

This week, Dave and Barry do the show alone and talk a little bit about Preston Sturges’ The Great McGinty, but spend most of our time talking news and doing a StarFest wrapup.  Great times are in store!

We have to give much love to Steve and Kathe Walker at for letting us have such a great time at what was the best StarFest yet!  We also had a great time hanging out with John, Christopher and Steve from, Chris and Cliff from The Jesus Geeks and Billy Flynn and Wolffie from Geek Radio Daily!  Next year is going to be even more crazy!

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SGR Episode 73 – Fox Woes

At this rate, we’re never going to get back to our director series.  In light of the bad run of luck Fox has had of late (whether self-inflicted or not), we decide to bug Chris Stipp from Quick Stop Entertainment while he’s moving (no, really) to talk about the effect of all this.

We won’t be doing an episode this week, but next week will be our StarFest cornucopia.  I’ll probably post our interview with the minds behind Summer School this weekend in place of an episode.  You really need to check this movie out.

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