Inland Empire DVD Review


by Barry Wurst
Released by Rhino
Released on August 14, 2007

As there are so few David Lynch films in his directorial cannon, it seems his fans grow fewer and fewer every year.  Sure, most have seen his mixed bag adaptation of “Dune”, and a few others are fans of his “softer” films, “The Straight Story” and “The Elephant Man”, but really, when you think of Lynch, you’re talking about “Blue Velvet”, “Wild at Heart”, “Eraserhead”, “Lost Highway”, “Twin Peaks- Fire Walk With Me” and “Mulholland Dr.”, the latter being the last film Lynch made, back in 2001.  His latest, “Inland Empire”, was filmed in secrecy and was an ongoing project that grew from a series of previously created shorts that blossomed into a full-blown feature film.  Filmed entirely in a digital format, most of the filming took place under the radar in Poland.  Like his most famous works, “Inland Empire” is flush with imagery both indescribably beautiful and unbearably nightmarish, with his skill at conveying the stunning and the grotesque in full force, sometimes during the same scene.  His earlier films, like “Blue Velvet”, have well developed plots, while his later, signature works are far more
surrealistic, ethreal and intriguingly bizarre.


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ScreenGeeks Radio Episode 08

Yup, we actually recorded an episode and here it is!  We talk about last weekend’s movies (Becoming Jane and Stardust), DVD’s (Doctor Strange and Inland Empire) and tons about Comic Con.  Since we were winging it this show, there will be no show notes, but we hope you enjoy the show.

Our thanks for Josh Green from FirstShowing.net and Christopher Stipp from QuickStopEntertainment.com for joining us.

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The Pros and Cons of Comic Con

My first year attending the San Diego Comic Book Convention was an eye opener, to say the least.  Imagine attending the biggest Best Buy, Suncoast, or any personal favorite entertainment store, with everything you’d ever want to buy that you don’t need but GOT TO HAVE, and its the size of a small city.  Now imagine going there the day after Thanksgiving or a few days before Christmas.  This is the kind of pandemonium that Comic Con delivers every year, and this was reportedly the first time they actually sold out admission tickets!  Its only going to get more crowded, crazier and packed with Trekkies, Hobbits, Storm Troopers, Pirates, Snake Plisskens, X-Men and Jawas standing shoulder-to-shoulder, waiting in line for eight seconds with Kevin Bacon or just foolishly trying to rush through the enormous crowds.  In all honesty, as much fun as Comic Con is, I still prefer smaller, more intimate geek conventions, namely the Starland Starfest that we have every year in Denver- it’s less than half as big as Comic Con, but with basically
the same vendors, movie previews, expansive panel options and with far less attendees.

Don’t get me wrong- Comic Con is quite the experience, is a ton of fun and I’m already planning on returning next year.  The biggest and most obvious difference between Comic Con and all the other cool, nerd-friendly, fan-boy catering conventions is the participation of Hollywood.  It’s one thing to see the trailer for “Get Smart”, its another thing to have Steve Carrell and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson appear on stage shortly after and field questions about what we just saw.

There’s so much to see at Comic Con that it simply isn’t possible to go to every cool event on the schedule.  I did the best I could but missed a few gems:  Kevin Smith’s stage performance/t.v. series promo, Liv Tyler’s rare convention appearance (said to have been her first ever), and I missed seeing the pilot of “The Sarah Conner Chronicles”.  Here’s what I DID SEE.


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Site Update This Weekend

It just dawned on me a couple of days ago that we’re running SG on an older version of WordPress.  This version won’t let me use all the tools I want to, especially when it comes to posting shows and video clips.  Therefore, I’ll be working on installing a new version of WordPress.  Hopefully, none of you will notice any differences in the site outside of possibly the way posts are linked to.  Oh, and the show is going to be awesome this weekend.

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Doctor Strange DVD Review


By Dave Minkus
Released by Lionsgate Films
Released August 14, 2007

In the interest of full disclosure, I’m not very familiar with the character of Doctor Strange.  I know that my dad used to read him a ton when he was younger, so I know the basics.  Doctor Strange actually used to be a doctor.  As a matter of fact, he was an extremely gifted surgeon.  He also happened to be a complete jerk.  He eventually gets into a car accident and loses the use of his hands at a surgical level.  Devastated, he ends up being coaxed by a mysterious man into going to Tibet where he becomes a great sorceror and eventually Sorceror Supreme.  Oh, and his main bad guy is a creature from another dimension (essentially Hell) named Dormammu.

Got all of that?  Well, that’s pretty much what you get when you watch Doctor Strange.  This is the fourth animated feature that has come out of Marvel Animated Features, partnered with Lionsgate.  The other features have been Ultimate Avengers 1 and 2 and The Invincible Iron Man.  Obviously, this title takes a markedly different approach from the previous film simply because of the source material.  The very pleasant surprise is that the makers did a great job on this one.


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New Episode Next Week

Just to make sure everyone knows, we are indeed recording an episode this weekend and will be putting it up early next week.  Our next episode will have us discussing the highs and lows of Comic Con along with stories that were completely missed by major sites.

I’m also extremely pleased to announce that joining us as a special guest this week is Christopher Stipp, writer of the Trailer Park column over at quickstopentertainment.com, among other things.  He’s a really good guy and I think we’re going to have a ton of fun.

Also expect a few DVD reviews to pop up this weekend along with some articles.  We’re starting to get going full speed on the site and hopefully we’re not on a train headed toward a wall.

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ABC Finds A Way To Alienate the Geeks

So let me get this straight, NBC has proven that the geek demographic actually can bring in ratings and money between Heroes, The Office and the upcoming Bionic Woman, right?  So what does ABC do?  They take a giant dump on what could have been the next Outer Limits or Twilight Zone and decide to essentially make what Fox pulled on Firefly look like the long run Cheers had.


I already don't watch much TV as it is since I've got a pretty decent DVD collection and Netflix.  This makes me want to boycott ABC outright.  Can't you at least let the viewing audience take a look at this show before deeming it garbage?  I swear, there's no way a great show like Spaced would make it because it isn't Desperate Housewives or Survivor.

For a great opinion on this fiasco, check out Wil Wheaton's thoughts on this.  Actually, just read anything the man writes.  The man is so good at what he does that I actually sing that I want to be like Wil instead of Mike.


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The Bourne Ultimatum: Dave's Review


Dave's Score:  9/10

Wow.  That's really all I can say after getting out of The Bourne Supremacy.  It figures that I would pick a movie this good for our first review back at ScreenGeeks.  I am about to make a bold statement.  The Bourne Ultimatum is the best conclusion to a trilogy this summer.  Beyond that, this gives you all the action that Live Free or Die Hard gave you but with a better story and some actual substance.


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It's Official…We're Back

So, after a lot of debating, Barry and I have decided it's time to devote our time to ScreenGeeks again.  This is really our passion, so we've decided it's time to move on from the Hypecast and get back to doing our own thing.

I'm sure one question is, “Who will be coming back?”  Well, we're still working on that part.  We're adding at least one new person for some retro dvd reviews, and you can count on most of the previous regulars to come back.  I'm trying to get in touch with everyone to gague people's interest in starting again.

Our first episode back will be posting a week from Monday and I'm working on lining up a VERY exciting guest and we're planning on getting things started again with a bang.  In the meantime, expect some cool video clips and some op-ed pieces.  We hope you'll join us for the ride.


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The Winds of Change Are Coming

You’ll notice that I’ve taken the name of Game Crazy Radio down because we are officially at our new home.  We’re still working on getting the plumbing working right (the iTunes rss feed), but we’re home.

So, what does that mean for ScreenGeeks?  Ya know, that show that went for about five episodes then vanished into obscurity.  Well, nothing is close to being official, but I’m working on getting the gang back together and see what we can put together.  You may see some old faces not come back and some new ones get added, but hopefully it’ll be a good time.  We’ll be at least putting up DVD reviews again shortly.

Look for updated news to come over the next few weeks.

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