Josh's Mini-Review: Iron Man

Let me say, I was there at comic-con. I was excited about the footage since it primarily contained practical effects. Then I saw the first two trailers and I was…a little disappointed. I walk into the theater ad the first two trailers are Don’t Mess With The Zohan, and The Love Guru. Omg, I thought sitting there waiting for the film to start. And then suddenly The Dark Knight and The Happening trailers come out of nowhere and intantly, I'm stoked.

This movie is awesome. Now…I have not been an Iron Man fan from the comics, but let me tell ya, I think this film is what every Irom Man fan has wanted.  As far as what a Marvel Comics fan expects…this movie is great. There is more character than plot, which personally, is exactly what the perfect Marvel movie needs. This film is exactly what Marvel needed to do as far as developing themselves as a studio. This film is great because of the casting. While the climax (not the ending..wink wink) might be lame, trust me, this is the best first summer movie to come out since…I don’t know when.  All I have to say is enjoy!



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Dave Minkus

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