Ethan's Kung Fu Panda Review


  • Ethan's Score : 8/10     

 It's safe to say that when it comes to the computer animated film scene, Pixar easily beats Dreamworks. Pixar puts an extreme emphasis on story and characters. Dreamworks typically puts an extreme emphasis on pop culture references and fart jokes. But the wonderful new film Kung Fu Panda changes this. If you're thinking right now “Oh Ethan, you so crazy” than I should tell you that the trailers do not do any justice to this film. It's contains great characters and a good story. But also importantly, it's frickin' hilarious. Jack Black infuses so much life into the character of Po. He totally gets his sense of humor across in this film. And it's not one of those animated movies where it's “one for the kids, one for the adults”. It never feels that patronizing. Both kids and adults can laugh at the same jokes. But also, the film delivers on the kung fu front. The set pieces  are terrifically animated and very exciting. And a good dash of physical humor is inserted into them that never betrays what is established in the story. All in all, a really fun ride that will deliver more entertainment than most of this summer's crop.


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