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Dave is your host.  A witty gag about him will appear in this spot eventually.

Dave’s favorite movies of all time:
1.)   Sullivan’s Travels
2.)   The Thing
3.)   12 Monkeys
4.)   Big Fish
5.)   Blazing Saddles
6.)   Charade
7.)   O Brother, Where Art Thou?
8.)   Rope
9.)   The Iron Giant
10.)  The Rundown

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Professor Barry is the living, walking, talking IMDB.  Yes, the years movies came out that he pulls out on the show come straight from his brain.  It is truly an amazing thing to behold the man’s knowledge and love of film.  Barry also teaches film at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

Barry’s favorite movies of all time:

1.)   Psycho
2.)   Contempt
3.)   Nobody’s Fool
4.)   Die Hard
5.)   Superman:  The Movie
6.)   They Live
7.)   One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
8.)   Eyes Wide Shut
9.)   Fried Green Tomatoes
10.)  Dogfight

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Josh is our resident Horror fanatic and is currently a film student in addition to being the third amigo on the show

Josh’s favorite movies of all time:

1.)  American Beauty
2.)  Fight Club
3.)  Grindhouse
4.)  Vanilla Sky
5.)  American Psycho
6.)  Hellraiser
7.)  Monty Python and the Holy Grail
8.)  Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
9.)  Singin’ In the Rain
10.)  The Warrriors

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Ethan went from fanatical fan to valued contributor.  His love of movies comes through every single thing he writes.

Ethan’s favorite movies of all time:

1.)  A Clockwork Orange
2.)  Apocalypse Now
3.)  American Beauty
4.)  Blue Velvet
5.)  Donnie Darko
6.)  Lord of the Rings:  Return of the King
7.)  2001:  A Space Odyssey
8.)  The Empire Strikes Back
9.)  Amadeus
10.)  Play Time

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Melissa brings some much needed sanity to our testosterone laced rants.

Melissa’s favorite movies of all time (in no particular order):

The Fifth Element
Lord of War
Gremlins 2:  The New Batch
Fight Club
Rear Window
Donnie Darko

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