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All episodes should be available in our RSS feed once we hit full production, but just in case, here’s an easy spot to find everything.

Episode 01-  Yeah, this is the one where Alex and I are messing around with this podcasting thing and talk about our personal guilty pleasures.  Wow, is it bad.  Oh, and it’ll never see the light of day.  If you think our old episodes sound bad…

Episode 02–  The best we saw in 2006.  This was our first full production episode and you can tell we used cheap Best Buy mics.  This is a good episode to get a feel for who likes what movies.

Episode 03–  We discuss what is quite possibly the most controversial film Disney ever made, Song of the South.  We may revisit this topic at some point.

Episode 04–  We discuss 4th of July movies and Holiday movies in general.

Episode 05–  We discuss Lady in the Water and the lawsuit against CleanFlix

Episode 06–  We look at the two Hi Def movie formats, HD DVD and Bluray.  You’ll recognize a couple of the guests.

Episode 07–  Barry and I try to bring back SG and it works great…for one episode.

Episode 08– We’re back in the saddle again.  We talk with Josh from firstshowing.net and Christopher Stipp from quickstopentertainment.com about Comic Con ’07.

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