Starfest Goers: Win A Copy Of Serenity and Get It Signed By Adam Baldwin!


I am pleased to announce that and are partnering in a contest for all Starfest attendees.  We are giving away a copy of the Collector's two-disc edition of Joss Whedon's classic, Serenity!  Not only that, but we're also including an autograph ticket so you can get it (or whatever else you like) signed by The Hero of Canton, Jayne Cobb himself, Adam Baldwin!  All you have to do is answer one pretty simple question and e-mail your entry along with your name to contest at screengeeks dot c

om (you know what to do with that).  If you want to win, you need to come to Starfest since we'll be drawing the name there.

We haven't nailed down the exact when/where we will be drawing the winning name, so please include your cell number if you will be bringing a cell phone to Starfest, so we can contact you in the event that you aren't there when we draw.  We will also be e-mailing all the entrants with the details as to the where's and when's as soon as we know.

Here's the question.  What is the name of Jayne's very favorite gun?


This contest will be open to entries until Saturday, April 19 at 12pm MST.  Any entries received after this deadline will be discarded.  Limit one entry per person.

Our apologies to all our listeners and friends who won't be coming out to Starfest.  You should come out next year!  Don't worry, we'll be running a DVD giveaway contest in the next couple of weeks.


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