Starfest Report: Interview with Ford Austin, Simon Burzynskyi and Jed Rowen


The Horrorfest portion of Starfest really proved to be a treat this year.  We got to discover some really unique independant horror, and now we also get to what was undoubtedly the most fun interview we did all weekend.  We weren’t able to do this interview until after we had already torn down the main equipment, so

the audio on this one isn’t the best, but could be worse as well.  Attitude For Destruction director Ford Austin and stars Simon Burzynski and Jed Rowen talked in a mostly secluded hall with us and we really had a blast.

Edit:  I’ve fixed the chipmunk effect in the audio.  It now has 95% less suck!  The other 5% is for the fact that I didn’t get to interview these guys on the good equipment.  I hope you still like it!


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Dave Minkus

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