Starfest Report: Adam Baldwin Q&A

We've still got some stuff to put up from Starfest.  I'm transcribing and interview we had with the guys over at Random Creature Face Films and director Richard Taylor.  Today, I'm finally posting a report we got from our good friend Jeff.  Jeff got to sit in on Adam Baldwin's Q&A, and it's a fun read.  I can vouch that the guy you see in interviews is the same off camera/mic.  Enjoy!

During Starfest 2008, Adam Baldwin spent an hour talking with his fans and answering questions. I have been to several of these questions and answer times at starfest and for me Adam Baldwin was at the top of list. He was very personal, very honest and his humble demeanor was refreshing. He started out by introducing himself, not that he needed to, but he did not assume everyone should know who he is. He took a couple of minutes giving a brief bio and then started answering questions. He answered questions about Chuck, My Bodyguard,  Independence Day and others, but as you can guess, the most popular questions were about his role as Jayne in Firefly.

Adam stated that the role of Jayne changed his life. He was very appreciative of all the fans and all the support. He said that he had all the original scripts and had all the actors from the show sign them. He has since put the autographed scripts on e-bay and donated all the money from the sale of the scripts to charity. He will put the infamous hat that Jayne wore on e-bay and the money from that sell will also go to charity. It is not very often that a keepsake from a show that the actor loved is sold and the money is donated to charity. To me this speaks volumes about Adam Baldwin’s character and the man that he is.

Another question that was asked was “when was the last time you were giddy?” After a moments pause, he talked about a recent baseball game that his son played. He said that at the start of the game they did not have an umpire and they asked if he would ump the game. He agreed to ump the game. His son was at the plate and his son was having a little trouble making good contact with the ball. One of the better pitchers in the league was on the mound. The pitcher threw the ball and his son blasted a home run over the fence.

Adam Baldwin answered an array of questions and his answers were both sincere and infused with humor. He seemed to truly enjoy his time with his fans and we enjoyed our time with him. I went into the weekend with a respect for Adam Baldwin as an actor and an appreciation for his work. I leave the weekend with respect for Adam Baldwin as a person, a father, a man.

Dave's Note:  For information about how to bid on Jayne's cunning hat, go to the California Browncoats website.


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