Starfest Interview: Ford Austin and Jed Rowen


We’re back with another of our interviews and this one ended up being a bit of a shock to me.  I figured that Dahmer vs. Gacy would be a bloody good time, but I didn’t expect what I saw on the screen.  What easily could have been simply a b-movie schlockfest had some great social satire and commentary hidden in plain sight for anybody who wants to find it.  I’ve included the trailer below.  As you’ll see, this movie is definitely for the more adventurous filmgoer, but you’ll be rewarded with some great absurdism if you want to take the trip.

Editor’s Note:  This interview is intended to mature listeners due to the discussion of adult subject matter and language.


 Just click the play button below in the flash player to hear the interview.

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Dave Minkus

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  1. Holy christ, that looks like one awful film. Of course, that’s probably what they were going for… Still, I’d probably have to have a couple beers in me before sitting down to that one.

  2. I completely understand. I went into the screening with the intent to switch my brain completely off and have some fun, but both Barry and I were caught completely off guard by how much we like each liked it.

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