Michael Paul Stephenson's next film to be DESTROY

There is absolutely no doubt that all of us at ScreenGeeks.com love Michael Paul Stephenson's directorial debut, Best Worst Movie, ever since we saw it at the Starz Denver Film Festival in 2009.  It's truly a magical film that has a lot of heart and laughs.  I'm sure that I am nowhere near alone in my curiosity as to what his next project would be.  It would be easy to keep in the documentary world, but it looks like he'll be jumping headlong into dark comedy with DESTROY.  Read the press release after the break.

Official press release:

Filmmaking Team behind Critically Acclaimed Documentary
Best Worst Movie set to DESTROY

Los Angeles, Calif. – Feb 15, 2011 – Magic Stone Productions announced today it has acquired and
will produce the feature film DESTROY. Michael Paul Stephenson (Best Worst Movie) will direct this
fast-paced dark comedy. In DESTROY, vampires don't exist, but that doesn't stop well-intentioned
would-be vampire hunter Steve Howard from leaving a trail of blood-splattered wooden stakes across
Bavaria. While he thinks he's saving the world, he and new assistant Elise are mistakenly murdering
sweet, innocent old men.
DESTROY’s tone lands it somewhere between '80s genre classics like An American Werewolf in
London and contemporary comedies like Shaun of the Dead. The script is penned by Alamo Drafthouse
lead programmer Zack Carlson and Bryan Connolly. The pair recently co-authored the internationally
successful 2010 book “Destroy All Movies: The Complete Guide to Punks on Film.”
Magic Stone Productions is helmed by Michael Paul Stephenson and Lindsay Stephenson. The
company produced the critically acclaimed 2010 documentary Best Worst Movie, and the same team
will be assembled for DESTROY. Jennifer Roth (Black SwanThe WrestlerThe Details) will also


Well, Stephenson is definitely going in a very interesting direction with his next film.  I can honestly say I can't wait to see how this turns out as the concept sounds like it's going to be a ton of fun.  We'll do our best to keep you up to date on this project as we get more info.


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