Trailer for Kelly Reichardt's follow-up to Wendy & Lucy, Meek's Cutoff

Those who've seen 2008's utterly excellent Wendy & Lucy found it either a) An apt depiction of America's economic and social turmoil anchored by a stunning performance by Michelle Williams or b) BORING. If your answer was the latter, let's not have lunch together anytime soon. Anyway, the trailer for her next film, a western reuniting her with her star looks quite promising. It hit the festival circuit last year to rave reviews and it's easily one of my m

ost anticipated films of the year. The 1:33.1 aspect-ratio and psychological horror vibe (and it's PG!) fascinate me even more. Having a cast as strong as that doesn't hurt either. Since it's not based off a comic-book though I guess it won't be discussed very much; no costume bulge to analyze for 15 minutes.


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