Starfest Report – Interview With Marc Lougee


There are times when I’m really excited about a film.  I get excited to the point that I start to worry that I may be hyping everyone’s expectations too high.  It happened with me and Forrest Gump.  Everyone talked it up to the point that there was no way it could live up to my expectations.  The Pit and the Pendulum has the potential to have the same thing happen because of how much I loved it.  It’s l

ooking like it will be releasing in June on DVD.  All I will say about it (until my review) is that it’s good…real good.

Marc Lougee came to the Horrorfest portion of Starfest and screened the film right during when we were supposed to be doing another interview.  I was pretty bummed that we were going to miss it, but Mr. Lougee was kind enough to bring it up to where all the press sites were and show it to us.  We then sat down with him for just over 18 minutes talking with him.  We probably could have spent another hour, but we didn’t want to monopolize his time.  We really had a good time with the interview.


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