I-Sci-Fi Posts Nana Visitor Interview

We really had a great time at Starfest this past weekend.  So far, I've posted interviews with Nana Visitor, Zachary Quinto and I'll be putting up a talk we had with Pit and the Pendulum director/creative producer Marc Lougee.

One part of the fun was getting to meet folks from I-Sci-Fi and more people from Jonja.net.  For many of the Starfest guests, we all had a chance to talk to them.  I got to sit in on all of them and be the sound engineer.  The exciting thing is that we all got different interviews from the same

people.  Unlike when you see the same interview on several shows and it's the same one every time, all of our interview could fit together like one long interview with very little repeated info/stories.

As these sites get their interviews up, we'll be linking to them so you can get a more complete experience.  Today, I-Sci-Fi put up their chat with Nana Visitor, and it's well worth listening too.  I'll put up Jonja's when they finish all their editing as well.  Enjoy!



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