Minor Site Updates

We’ve received some great feedback from Ethan’s post about things we can do to make the site better and we really appreciate it.  We are working on a site redesign, but that’s a fairly big task, so we’re doing little things right now. 

The first thing that can be noticed is that we now have a Contact Us page.  That will give you all the info you need to get in contact with us.  There, you’ll find our voicemail number, Skype voicemail info and basic e-mail stuff.

Secondly, I’ve finally added info in the About page for both Josh and Ethan.  This includes a brief blurb about them, their top 10 favorite movies of all time and how to get in contact with them.

I am working on getting some forums up and running.  I’ll make the location public once I get some anti-spambot stuff installed as well.  So, you can see that we’re working on getting things upgraded a bit.  It’s led to some columns not coming out yet, but don’t worry.  My list of stuff worth getting in the last few days of the Deep Discount sale will make you drool and make your wallet scream and bleed.

Please, feel free to contact any of us with suggestions as to how we can improve things around here.  This is a creative outlet for all of us that has the potential to become something more.  We all really are humbled that any of you spend your valuable free time listening to us or reading something we put up.  We want to keep you coming back for more, so let us know what we can do!  Unless we start making goo-gobs of cash that lets us all quit our day jobs, this will probably never be a major news site.  What we hope we’re doing is giving you intelligent discussion about film that’s fun and accessible.  We’re also going to be including more TV as well.


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Dave Minkus

Dave is located in Denver, CO and can also be found occasionally sullying various podcasts who don't know better than to invite him on.

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