Huge E3 News: XBox Live and Netflix Partnering!


I’ve really made a point of not bringing video games to ScreenGeeks too often just because it isn’t our focus.  This news, however relates directly to movies, tv, and home viewing.  I first read about this over at Major Nelson’s Twitter page and it’s been posted officially by XBox 360 Fanboy that Netflix is partnering with Microsoft to bring content to XBox Live.

This is HUGE news for those of us who have both XBox Live and Netflix.  Details haven’t come out about how it’ll be downloaded, download limits, etc., but my guess would be that you’ll be able to access a good chunk (if not all) of the current Netflix Watch It Now library, which has titles that number well over 10,000.  And now it’s becoming official why Microsoft has been dragging their feet on putting out a Bluray drive.  It’s never been a secret that Microsoft wants to work toward digital downloads as opposed to an HD media, and this just shows that they’re ready to start working down that path.  Oh, and I’m psyched for it!


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