SG DVD Picks For 7/14/08

Sorry we missed a couple weeks, but we’re back with the DVD’s we like.  I’m not going to lie to you.  The pickings are slim, but the Deal Of the Week is amazing.  We’ve actually got a two-fer going this week.  What’s interesting is that there is quite a variety of stores with best prices on different movies.  On with the goodness!

The Bank Job (1-disc, 2-disc and Bluray)

It’s true that this is not a pleasant movie.  It’s in the spirit of the grungy and grimy movies that came out of the UK in the 70’s.  Jason Statham is great in it, though and the actual bank job is really fun to watch.

The Best Price
Shocking as it may be, a B&M (or brick and mortar) store is the low price on the single disc.  Circuit City has it for $14.99Amazon, Best Buy and Circuit City are all selling the 2-disc for $22.99 and Amazon has the best price on the Bluray (as long as you add something and go over the $25 free shipping threshold) at $23.95.

New Adventures of the Lone Ranger/Zorro Vol. 2

I have no idea how we neglected to talk about this release this week, and I apologize.  Anyone who watched Saturday morning cartoons in the early 80’s knows just how cool this show was.  And, for the price you can get it for, it’s worth a shot.

The Best Price
Ah, here’s where Deep Discount comes back with a vengance and  has it available for $8.29  with free shipping compared to the next lowest price of $12.99

Deals Of the Week

Yup, we’ve got two of them this week.  I’d like to keep it to one, but both of these are just too amazing not to mention.

Deal #1: Deep Discount Buy 1 Get 1 Free Criterion Sale

When it comes to Criterion DVDs, sales are VERY few and far between.  Generally speaking, you don’t get much better than the Deep Discount/DVD Planet 20% off sale.

That is, until today.  Starting today, Deep Discount is selling a bunch of Criterions at Buy 1 Get 1 free.  Obviously, the cheaper Criterion will be free, but there are a TON of DVDs listed.  It isn’t the entire collection, but there’s plenty to choose from.  This is a great way to build your Criterion collection if you’ve been looking to stock up.

Deal #2:  Best Buy Animated Batman Sale

So…if you followed my advice a couple weeks ago and bought Batman or Justice League a couple weeks ago, I’m sorry.  I really couldn’t have guessed that this would be coming so soon after the big sale.  I do believe that Deep Discount will refund the difference of your purchase if you find a cheaper price withing 30 days.  Anyway, Best Buy is running a crazy good sale on everything Batman Animated.  Here’s the pricing breakdown:

-All seasons of Batman:  The Animated Series are running $17.99 each

-All seasons of Batman Beyond are running $12.99 each

-Both Seasons of Justice League are running $19.99 each

-Season One of Justice League Unlimited is running $19.99

-Season Two of Justice League Unilmited is running $12.99

This is just an amazing price for these shows and I heartily recommend picking any of them up.  They’re all fun and very well done.

Note:  Thanks to speedy1961 and everyone over at the DVD Talk Forums for supplying a good bit of this deal information.


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