Weekend Box-Office Predictions – October 10th to 12th

Somewhat of another “eh” weekend at the box-office. There are a few appealing films but none have gotten that great of buzz. So basically don’t expect anything as big as Eagle Eye or Beverly Hills Chihuahua. We have in wide release Body of Lies, Quarantine, The Express and City of Ember.

Body of Lies should open at #1. But sadly, it’s been getting pretty meh reviews. It’s being sad that its Iraq war subject matter will turn off moviegoers. But to be pretty honest, from the ads I honestly cannot tell that this is about Iraq. I mean, it’s clearly about the middle east and terrorism, but I don’t think it’ll turn off moviegoers too much. And the star power of DiCaprio and Crowe will help it quite a bit. So expect a solid 20 Million opening.

Quarantine, which is a remake of the excellent Spanish horror film [REC], should get a decent amount of the Halloween audience. Though the people who got motion sickness from Cloverfield will probably stay away in droves. So I’d say about a 9 Million opening.

Both The Express and City of Ember are appealing to the family audiences. Maybe The Express a little less obviously but the PG-rating will be lucrative. And it’s football season, so expect NFL fans to give this a solid turnout. Expect about a 10 Million opening. City of Ember looks interesting but I wouldn’t be surprised if it looks too “weird” for most families. So I’d say about a 7 Million opening.

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