SGR Episode 97 – Wes Craven’s Red Eye

As we draw our series on Wes Craven to a close, we chose a real winner to finish up.  Red Eye is the definition of the types of movies we like to find:  great films by great filmmakers that are reatively under the radar.

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  1. Huh…I always thought Keaton did the best at portraying both Wayne and Batman as separate characters. Clooney was always Wayne, Kilmore was always Batman. I think he was the only one that really took the difference between the roles seriously.

    Looking forward to “Browncoat Sunday”! Have fun!

  2. Really great episode this week everyone!

    Melissa: You rock! Totally agree with you on YOUTH IN REVOLT and UP IN THE AIR.

    I find myself laughing to myself from time to time at some of the jokes in YOUTH IN REVOLT. Everything from a simple pinky to seeing LA STRADA on Netflix gets a good chuckle out of me.

    UP IN THE AIR really talks a lot about how we distance ourselves from society, especially over the last twenty years. The trend where people would rather avoid the relationships and connections is directly analyzed in a really captivating way.

    I was really surprised at the tone of UP IN THE AIR- with regard to both the comedy and the drama. It was much funnier and much… darker? I supposed that’s the correct word. Haha.

    Keep up the good work guys!

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