ODDSAC (the Animal Collective movie) trailer hits the interwebs


Being at least somewhat of a hipster, I was legally obligated to post this trailer. This is not really a film but a “visual album” from the best band in the world, Animal Collective. Just judging by this if you’re one of the people who’s only knowledge of the band is through “My Girls” you might be a little freaked out by what you’re seeing. This looks far more “Hollinndagain” than “Merriweather Post Pavillion” and I guess I’m open to that.

ODDSAC is currently playing at Sundance and for all we know could become the next “The Wall“…but it’s far more likely that it will just be some art project that a few weeks from now won’t see more than the closet of Noah Lennox/Panda Bear.

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