Zatoichi The Blind Swordsman Now Streaming On Hulu

Hulu is streaming 6 of the Zatoichi films.

      Zatoichi the blind swordsman is an iconic character that has never quite seen the poplarity outside of Japan. He has been the inspiration for many charcaters. Inspired filmakers like Robert Rodriguez. There was even a fun, if uneven, American take starring Rutger Hauer called Blind Fury which features Terence O’Quinn and a swordfight between Hauer and Sho Kusgi!
     The movies are basically a variation on a theme but they feature some amazing fight seqeunces. Some great ones include the inevitable group of bad guys getting completely owned by the seemingly harmless blind man. If you liked Kill Bill you will have a very good time following the exploits of one of Japan’s most enduring film series. There have been 27 films in all. Oh..and the best part is this is all possible due to a partnership with Criterion.

So revisit or begin your journey with Zatoichi.

     Catch them while you can… and if you can,,, it is Hulu after all.

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