New ScreenGeeks Rating Standards

After talking with the other members of the site, we’re going to be making a change with how we review movies at  We’ve decided that we’ll now be rating films on a 4-point scale instead of a 10-point scale.  The reason behind this is that the 10-point scale became too cumbersome.  Instead of just telling you, the reader, if I liked a movie or not, I personally found myself trying to justify a single point or even half-point.  We’re simplifying things now.  Here’s how the points will break down.

4/4 – A great film.  This movie will either be on our Top 10 list or at least an honorable mention
3/4 – A good film.  A good time was had and it’s well worth your time to check out
2/4 – A mediocre film.  The movie wasn’t dreadful, but is probably worth waiting for DVD
1/4 – A bad film.  Avoid it unless you want to see a bad movie.

Hopefully, you’ll get more out of our reviews from a rating standpoint.  Please let us know what you think of the changes.

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Dave Minkus

Dave is located in Denver, CO and can also be found occasionally sullying various podcasts who don't know better than to invite him on.

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