Best Worst Move Coming to DVD 11/16!


I know that Barry and I have been championing Michael Paul Stephenson’s documentary, Best Worst Movie, for quite some time now.  It even made my top 10 list last year.  I also know the film may not have made come to where you live.  Well, good news came around today that the film will be coming to DVD on November 16th via New Video’s Docuarma Films brand.  The film will also be available in some form of digital medium as well.  I’ll let you know when I get the details on that.

Some of the extras that will be on the DVD will include deleted scenes and over an hour of never-before-seen footage.  You can pre-order the film at Amazon now (and yes, I’ve already ordered my copy and will do a full review of the disc).  Hit the jump to read the full press release.


Press release from New Video:

New York, NY – September 15, 2010 – How many people can claim they starred in the worst movie ever? Michael Paul Stephenson will forever be known as the screaming, whining, ten year-old who saves his family by urinating on their dinner. Today, he is the director and producer of BEST WORST MOVIE, a critically-acclaimed documentary inspired by his role in what has been crowned the worst movie of all time: TROLL 2.

New Video, a leading independent film and TV distributor, announced today that BEST WORST MOVIE will be available on Tuesday, November 16, via DVD and digital platforms. A film festival favorite in 2009 and currently playing in theaters nationwide, BEST WORST MOVIE will be released under New Video’s Docurama Films brand.

In this hilarious and heartfelt story about the strange nature of celebrity, a sunny Alabama dentist and a self-deluded Italian filmmaker struggle to come to grips with their role in the worst movie ever made. The result is a tender offbeat journey that pays homage to lovers of bad movies and the people who make them, while investigating a deeper story about the catharsis of redemption and the humanity that exists in making even the worst movie ever made.

The DVD includes more than an hour of deleted scenes and interviews; fan contributions, including music videos and mash-up trailers; Filmmaker Q&A with Creative Screenwriting Magazine, and a provocative message from TROLL 2’s Goblin Queen, Deborah Reed.

The DVD and digital release of BEST WORST MOVIE closely follows the Blu-ray release of TROLL 2 in October from MGM.

BEST WORST MOVIE is written, directed and produced by Michael Paul Stephenson; produced by Lindsay Stephenson, Brad Klopman and Jim Klopman.

About New Video
New Video is the world’s leading independent Blu-ray, DVD and digital distributor specializing in cutting-edge documentaries, independent films, cult hits, collectible television series, sports and classic kids programming. Home to some of the most prestigious names in entertainment, including A&E®, HISTORY™, Lifetime®, Major League Baseball®, Major League Soccer®, Scholastic Storybook Treasures™, Arthouse Films,  Docurama Films®, NEWVIDEO NYC, and Flatiron Film Company,  New Video showcases over 5,000 titles in its catalog. As the digital distributor arm, New Video Digital provides over 11,000 hours of film and television programming from more than 120 trusted brands to download and streaming platforms including iTunes, Hulu, Netflix, Xbox, Sony PlayStation and Amazon. Since 1990, the company’s mission has been to further the goal of providing audiences with top-notch special interest content.

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  1. I’ve been championing the film at my site, too.And I have no plans of stopping! Just re-watched it and enjoyed it just as much as the first time. The documentary genre needs films like this one that are funny, smart and poignant, too.

    And if there’s a better character around, fictional or real, than the “Troll 2” director I’d like to see him..

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