DVD/Bluray Deal Of the Week: Beauty and the Beast for $7.99


Everyone knows I come across some screaming deals on DVD’s and Blurays.  Usually, they’re short-lived, so making a proper post doesn’t make any sense.  You can usually find these deals posted on the ScreenGeeks Radio Facebook page.  This one is special, though.

Disney has had made a very interesting marketing decision with most of the recent releases of their movies to Bluray.  Disney has been making a habit of releasing a manufacturer coupon to pick up most releases for $10 off whatever price you come across on release week.  Since it’s a manufacturer coupon, you can use it to stack with whatever deal a particular retailer is running at the same time.  This is happening again with Disney’s release of Beauty and the Beast tomorrow.

The short version is that NOBODY should be paying more than $15 for Beauty and the Beast tomorrow.  Go and get your $10 off coupon NOW.  The combo pack will be running $24.99 at both Target and Best Buy.  I don’t include Wal Mart simply because their pricing is extremely erratic across the country.  They might have it cheaper though.  No matter what, that coupon will get you the movie for $14.99.

If you’re willing to go to a specific retailer and take a little drive if necessary, I would HIGHLY recommend picking up the movie at Toys R Us.  First of all, they’ll have it for $22.99, so it’ll be a little cheaper there at $12.99 after coupon.  Here’s where the magic comes into play, though.  If you put down an extra $5 to pre-order Toy Story 3 (bringing the total to $17.99), you’ll automatically get an extra $10 off your purchase of Beauty and the Beast (bringing the price down to $7.99 + tax).  Even if you don’t pick up Toy Story 3, you still need to do this as it’ll end up saving you an extra $5.  Here’s a little more simplified example of how it breaks down:

+$22.99 (Beauty and the Beast Bluray/DVD combo)
+$5  (Toy Story 3 pre-order)
-$10 (coupon from Disney)
-$10 (bonus for preordering Toy Story 3)
Total:  $7.99 + tax.

I wish I could take credit for finding this, but all the hard work and compiling of data was done by all the awesome folks who post over at the DVD Talk Forums.  It’s where I get all my deals and they’re well worth checking out and getting involved with.

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  1. Went to the Disney site to claim coupon, but it tosses you over to the coupons.com site to print the coupon, and of course they want you to install their special “Coupon Printer” software in order to print the coupons. Well, I did some research on this supposed “coupon printer”, and it seems questionable to me, possible spyware. I won’t install such software on my system, so will have to pass on this deal…

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