DVD Picks for 6-17-08

Sorry this is a day or so late.  Life just got in the way.  Anyway, on with this week’s recommendations, but I’m going to put the deal of the day (as opposed to the week) up before the jump!

Deal Of the Week:

Deadwood Complete Series for $89.99 with free shipping at Amazon

I put this first simply because Amazon is running some really good Gold Box deals this week.  Today, you can get gritty HBO western for an insanely good deal.  Even with their 20% off sales going on, this set would run you $180.22 at DVD Planet and $121.8 at Deep Discount.  This is a killer sale.  If other sets come up at deals this good throughout the week, I’ll update the site.

On to this week’s picks!

Note:  There are times when DVD Planet will be a little cheaper than Deep Discount.  The problem is that DVDP will only give free shipping on orders over $35.  When this is the case, I’ll put an asterik (*) on the line with Best Price.

Be Kind Rewind

This is quite possibly my favorite movie of the year.  There is a beauty and an innocence behind Gondry’s film that grabbed me and wouldn’t let go.  This truly is a movie for film lovers and is a story about how movies can bring a community together.  Wow…that sounds cheesy, but it’s really good!

Best Price
Deep Discount has the best deal by a bit when you consider that their 20% off sale is going through Sunday and you’ll be able to pick it up from them for $15.10 with a 20% off coupon code.

Sword in the Stone (45th Anniversary Special Edition)

I’ll admit it.  I freaking LOVE The Sword and the Stone.  This movie captured my imagination as a kid like few other films did.  I will also be the first to admit that it isn’t the best movie Disney put out, but it is special and is worth it just for the wizard duel

Best Price *
Ah, the star shows up.  If you’re ordering a bunch of stuff from DVDP, they’re the way to go, but otherwise Deep Discount is selling this for $17.50 with free shipping.  It’s a full $2.50 less than the local stores like Best Buy or Circuit City.

Galaxy High School Collection

I’m not entirely sure that this show will hold up to new viewers, but for those who remember this show, it’s a must buy.  It’s a lot of goofy fun

Best Price
Deep Discount has the entire series…with free shipping…for $8.10 with the 20% off coupon.  That is a sick deal right there

Non-Deal Of the Week
So I Married An Axemurderer

This is nothing against the movie.  As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure I’ve gone on record as saying  I love this movie.  The problem I have is with the pricing and the marketing.  What kind of bizarro world am I living in when “Special Edition” means “No Extras…no, not even a trailer…so quit asking”?  The best price out there for this is $11.17 at DVD Planet if you get enough to get free shipping.  Even then, for what this movie is, and ESPECIALLY since it’s been out on DVD for years, there’s absolutely no reason this should be selling for any more than $9.99 at your local Best Buy/Circuit City/WalMart.  I bought Mystery Science 3000:  The Movie for $15 with no extras because it’s been out of print forever and it was going for $80-$100 on Ebay for the out of print version.  Oh, and the transfer is gorgeous.  But for this?  Jane…Get me off this crazy thing…called love.


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