Watchmen Trailer Explodes Online!

Holy crap in a bucket!  The trailer for Watchmen has finally gone live online, and I’m absolutely floored.    Trailer Addict comes through again with a great looking version of it.  Barry saw this on Monday and has been telling me how amazing it is.  Really, nothing could have prepared me for this trailer.  I’m not catching The Dark Knight until Sunday morning, but I’m almost more excited to see this on the big screen than the main feature!

As a bit of a disclaimer, this trailer suffers from the exact issues that the first Twilight trailer had.  It’s a trailer made for fans.  If you don’t know anything about Watchmen, you’re going to be lost.  You’re going to think these characters are ripoffs of other superheroes.  You’d be right.  If you are at all interested in comics or good adult stories, beg (from friends), borrow (from your local library), or buy (because we don’t condone stealing) this book.  There’s a reason this story is held in such high regard.

Let the drooling commence!

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Dave Minkus

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