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The word “lyrical” is often used to describe the film compositions of Thomas Newman, whose work is as diverse as it accomplished. Anyone who has done the music for Cinderella Man AND The Lost Boys has some serious geek cred, and Newman gives the movies he writes for a heartfelt center and a distinctive tone. His score for Wall-E will likely be another highlight of a distinguished career. Lets take a look at his accomplishments thus far.

Best Known For: American Beauty, The Shawshank Redemption, Cinderella Man, Little Women, Erin Brokovich, Angels in America, Jarhead and The Horse Whisperer.

10 Musts: The Player (his best- weird and gorgeous), Fried Green Tomatoes (haunting, with great character themes), The Green Mile (a better, richer score than Shawshank), Meet Joe Black (one of Newman’s most heartfelt and stirring), Scent of a Woman (lovely and exciting), In the Bedroom (compliments a quiet movie), The Lost Boys (a cool, chilling slice of 80’s chic) Oscar & Lucinda (quirky and sweet), Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Misfortunate Events (giddy, creepy perfection), and Finding Nemo (wonderful, offbeat and atmospheric).

Skeletons in the Closet: Girls Just Want to Have Fun– The Movie

Weak Movies, Great Scores: Career Opportunities, Josh and S.A.M., The Man With One Red Shoe

Most Underrated: The Good German, Phenomenon, Flesh and Bone, The Great Outdoors, The War, Men Don’t Leave, The Rapture, The Salton Sea, Gung Ho, and Road to Perdition.

Thomas Newman is the Coolest Man Alive, Part 1: He scored The Lost Boys

Thomas Newman is the Coolest Man Alive, Part 2: He Scored Revenge of the Nerds AND Real Genius!

Underlooked Treasure of a Soundtrack: Little ChildrenFirst Film Score: Reckless (1984)

Latest Film Score: Wall-E (2008)



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