Ethan’s Get Smart Review


    Ethan’s Score : 6.5/10

There have always been different kinds of comedies. There are the ones churned out by studios every summer that are reasonably funny, but nothing special. And then there are the ones that truly show a unique voice and blow us away. Get Smart falls into the former category. But I’m not saying it doesn’t have any redeeming qualities. For the most part, it’s pretty solid.

    What makes this an enjoyable movie is the cast. Particularly Steve Carrell. His excellent comic timing, improvisational skills and energy gives this film such a boost. Anne Hathaway is …..(drool)….did I just lose myself there? She has good chemistry with Carrell. And Alan Arkin and Dwayne Johnson are quite funny too.

I liked that the film tried to have an actual threatening villain and plot with high stakes. But it’s not helped by bland direction and some spotty editing. A better visual style would have helped this film a lot. But really, it’s an enjoyable movie. Just don’t go in with super high expectations.


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