More Updates…Now With Twitter and RSS Feed!

We’re getting ready to record this week’s show in about three and ahalf hours, but I’ve added a couple things that will hopefully make listening to the show and keep up with what we’re up to a bit easier.

Both buttons are located on the header of every single page you may read.  The first is where I’ve finally created a link to our Twitter page.  It’s mostly going to be about cool news and stuff I’m watching.  I’ll try to keep the silly personal stuff to a minimum, and you just might hear about SG goings on there before you even it here.  The second is more the result of a recent forehead-slapping moment of clarity than anything.  I realized that there is an RSS feed for the entire page, but the only other way to listen to the show through an RSS feed is either through iTunes or the Zune marketplace.  Well, that’s been fixed.  If you click the RSS button, you will be taken directly to the feed for both ScreenGeeks Radio and the SG Film Snob.

So follow us on Twitter and feel free to ask questions or leave comments!  I tend to check it at least a couple times a day and I WILL respond.


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Dave Minkus

Dave is located in Denver, CO and can also be found occasionally sullying various podcasts who don't know better than to invite him on.

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