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I know I’ve been slacking on the DVD picks and deals, but I came across a killer deal yesterday and had to share.  If you listen to Howard Stern, you already know about this, but over at the DVD Talk Forums came word that is currently running a sale with 20% off all their dvd’s and cd’s with free shipping if you use the coupon code heynow.  Second Spin has an awesome store in Denver and the prices on this sale aren’t too bad.  Most (if not all) of their stock is used, but I’ve ordered from them before and everything has been in completely prisine condition.  Here’s what I picked up just as a referrence point:

Birds of Prey:  The Complete Series $19.99 (Amazon: $28.99)
12 Monkeys DTS edition $5.59  (Out of Print)
The Magnificent Seven 2-disc Collector’s Ediditon $3.98 (Amazon: $14.99)
The Sound of Music 5-Star Collection 2-disc $11.19 (Out of Print)
The Empire Strikes Back Theatrical/special edition $9.59 (Amazon: $14.99)

Sound of Music and Empire are titles I’m replacing that our new dog destroyed, but there are some great deals to be had out there like the 2-disc Criterion edition of Traffic for $8.00.  It’s well worth checking out.  Happy hunting!


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