Is Pushing Daisies…Well, Pushing Daisies?


Right after the news that Jeph Loeb and Jesse Alexander were off Heroes, everyone was hoping that Pushing Daisies creator Brian Fuller would come back since he wrote some of the best episodes of the first season of Heroes.  When approached about the topic, Fuller said that Pushing Daisies was his priority and would only consider it if the show wasn’t renewed.

Well, it looks like he might have time to consider going back to Heroes after all.  AICN’s Hercules has just put up a story quoting “sources familiar with the situation” that ABC has decided not to pick up the rest of the show’s season.  Also worth mentioning is that ABC has insisted that no decision has been made.  Still, if this ends up being true, it’s really going to be a shame to see such a charming and unique show be cancelled.

Hopefully, ABC’s denial means that Daisies fans can find a way to unite and keep the show on the air!

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Dave Minkus

Dave is located in Denver, CO and can also be found occasionally sullying various podcasts who don't know better than to invite him on.
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