Melissa’s Review: Knowing


Melissa’s Score:  7.5/10

Knowing starring Nicholas Cage is an eye opening revelation about judgement day and the chosen people of God. Although this movie was somewhat religiously based in its main idea, this movie’s take on the subject matter was not overly preaching or forceful at all. Cage’s son recieves a paper from a little girl from 50 years ago who heard numbers in her head. She was driven crazy and wrote the numbers down. Cage figures out that the numbers are in a patter that tell the date, latitude and longitude, and number of casualities in major natural disasters and other events throughout the past 50 years. There are many elements to this movie that tastefully display one man’s experience in figuring out what is happening to his soon-to-be-ending reality and his experience in giving up his only son for the benefit of the world.

My initial thoughts of this movie were that Cage’s character was going to be typical in exploring the pattern of numbers that his child recives from school. The movie could have gone one of two ways, and thankfully it went the better route. I thought it was going to turn into a stereotypical plot where Cage teams with the governement to predict further natural disasters and the end of the world and mirror the action style of National Treasurer. However, it went the opposite way where Cage cannot save the world or even come close and he has to face the hardest events of his life yet.

The performance from Cage was not exactly his best work, and at times I felt like “What is he doing in this role in this movie?” I guess the role fit him, and I was surprised at how well he played a convincingly good father. The performance from his son by Chandler Canterbury was beyond his years. He was smart and also innocent enough at the same time. I felt he was a very good pick for his role, although his character did not really go through any sort of transformation like Cage’s did. Some of the effects were done very well and others were unimpressive. A scene where Cage is sitting on the freeway in his car and a plane crashes, there is CG fire on the plane and some cars that just looked so poorly done. However, later in the film where the whole earth is shown being destroyed in huge waves of fire and explosions looked so realistic and great. I’m not really sure why some effects were better than others. It made the consistency of believablity less convincing.

The overall impact Knowing had on me as a viewer was different than any other movie. Although this movie definitely doesn’t get the best of award in my book, the impact it had on me was more real than any other movies I’ve seen in a while. To be honest, I was really freaked out at the fact that the world really could possibly end. Although it was just a movie, it was very bona fide and plausible for me. I connected with this movie in spiritual ways moreso than I realized I could. I would definitely say it’s a must-see, but may impact each viewer differently based on their own beliefs.

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