Episode 24 Delayed Again

If anyone has the opportunity to catch the strain of the flu that's going around, I would go ahead and avoid it.  I was crashed out on my couch watching movies and the Chea…I mean Patriots lose, but I can't remember most of the weekend.  To make up for this, we'll be posting portions of our top 10 lists leading up to our episode that is happening this weekend come hell or high water.

Among those whose lists you'll be seeing is our

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newest addition to ScreenGeeks, Ethan!  After being our most loyal listener and writing some outstanding reviews, he has agreed to join us.  We look forward to reading what he brings to the table.

The goal is to have something new posted every day, be it our favorite commercials from the Super Bowl or a pick from each of our lists.  I'll even finally post Josh's great review of U2-3D!


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By Dave Minkus

Dave is located in Denver, CO and can also be found occasionally sullying various podcasts who don't know better than to invite him on. He also works with the team behind the Reel Heroes Filmmaker Series at Denver Comic Con.