SG DVD Picks for 6/3/08

Every week, we tell you what dvd's are coming out.  You really shouldn't take the fact that we mention a movie as a recommendation for you to pick it up.  Starting this week, one of us will be putting together a pretty short list of DVD's you should pick up along with the cheapest place to pick it up online.  Unlike with the show, we'll also be looking for the best price for Standard Def DVD and Bluray.  We aren't making any money by linking to any site, and even if we do at some point, this column will be the exception to that rule.  I'm a notorious bargain hunter, so I'll be looking for the cheapest price (including shipping), period.  With that, on to this week's picks!

Final Note:  Check the deals of the week before taking the plunge on any of these DVD's.  There's some info you'll want to have.


The Dirty Harry Ultimate Collector's Edition
DVD sets really don't come a whole heck of a lot cooler than this one.  Not only do you get all five Dirty Harry movies in one set, but you also get a 42-page hardcover book, a replica Dirty Harry wallet with inspector's badge and I.D. card and reproduction lobby cards among other extremely cool goodies.  This is well worth checking out.

 Best Prices:
The Bluray version is running $89.95 at both Amazon and Deep Discount, both with free shipping.
The Standard Def DVD set is going for $54.82 at Deep Discount and $55.99 at Amazon, also both with free shipping.


City Slickers (Collector's Edition)
I love City Slickers.  This isn't necessarily amazing by a long shot, but I do adore this movie.  Billy Crystal is hilarious when he's “on”, and he's never been moreso than in this movie.

Best price:
Deep Discount at $9.72 is the way to go, hands down.  They're the cheapest price, and they offer free shipping.


Student Bodies
This movie has been out of print for at least 20 years, and it finally has made its triumphant debut on DVD!  Yes, the last act isn't the greatest, but everything up to that point is glorious!  This is a must for every horror fan and spoof fan.

Best Price:
Again, Deep Discount has everyone beat with a price of $10.23 with free shipping.

SG Deals of the Week
We're going to try to give you at least one good DVD deal a week.  This week, we kinda have two.  All of the prices above are about the same as Deep Discount, if they aren't already the lowest.  Starting on June 6th, the good folks over at DD are going to be running a 20% off sale on just about every dvd they have, even if it goes out of stock.  So, if you can hold off, the Dirty Harry set ends up being significantly cheaper than Amazon or anywhere else during this sale.  I'll post about the sale when details become available.  Until then, on to deal number 2!


The Nightmare on Elm Street Collection (8-disc set)
This is the most complete set of Elm Street films that you'll find.  When it came out, it was running $100.  The MSRP has dropped to $40, but Amazon has dropped it even more and now this set will set you back a whopping $27.99 with free shipping at Amazon.  If you're a horror fan or a Freddy fan and don't have this set, just pick it up.


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