SG DVD Picks for 6/10/08

Here we are.  Another week has passed and we've got jack squat for good dvd releases.  I've gone through ten pages of DVD/Bluray releases, and this is what I could come up with.  Our deal of the week is pretty sweet, though.  One more note:  you're going to see DVD Planet or Deep Discount as the low prices this week as both sites are still running their respective 20% off sales.  On to the picks!

Natural Born Killers (Bluray)
This isn't a happy movie.  It's a movie that disgusted people at what someone thought could become what shows on TV.  Which is more disturbing…what's presented in this movie, or how close reality tv has come to this?

Best Price:  If you're just getting it by itself, you're better off going through Deep Discount at $21.46 with free shipping after the discount.  If you go for our deal of the week and add this, DVD Planet is a little cheaper with 20% off and this will definitely push you over the top for free shipping through them.


High Noon 2-disc Ultimate Collector's Edition
This is a true Western classic.  Doing 24 before 24 was even around, the events of the film are in real time, which adds a great quality about this film.  Yes, this is Gary Cooper's movie, but I'm a sucker for anything with Grace Kelly in it.

Best Price:  See NBK.  Deep Discount is cheaper by itself with free shipping and 20% off.  You'll save a whopping $.73 if you combine this with the DOW to get free shipping.

Funny Games
This is one of the most disturbing films Barry has seen in a long time.  That, by itself, will make people want to pick this up.  Even though it gets into a brow-beating mood for part of the film, it's still one freaky flick.

Best Price:   …just look at the other two.  The stores competing for your money are still Deep Discount and DVD Planet.  It's worth noting that both stores have not only the same parent company, but even operate out of the same warehouse.

 Deal of the Week

I-Spy seasons 1-3 for $29.10 + free shipping with 20% off code “20offsale”

This is the deal I jumped on.  It looks like as long as your total purchase before coupon is over $35, you get free shipping.  You get 15 discs of an amazing show (Bill Cosby won three emmys on this show and the show won a Golden Globe) for an obscenely low price.  I remember this show as a kid, and it's far an away better than the awful movie with Eddie Muphy and Owen Wilson. 



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