Dave and Barry Guest On The Jesus Geeks Episode 20


The new episode will be up this evening, but in the meantime, Chris from over at The Jesus Geeks has just put up the episode that Barry and I guested on along with Billy Flynn from Geek Radio Daily.  We recorded the show just after our episode on Saturday night and the topic of discussion was a critical look at Christian films.  Another way to put it is why Christian movies suck.  I don’t think that Barry or I have ever made our faith a secret, but we’ve made a conscious decision not to make a big issue of it.  I know that both of us have wanted to discuss this topic for awhile, but haven’t put it on SG just because it really doesn’t fit with the format of the show.

Our thanks to out to Chris and Clifford for letting us come on their show and have what I thought was a very interesting discussion.  No worries if this topic doesn’t appeal to you, but it’s a good listen if you are interested.


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