Dave’s Brief Review of Billibub Baddings and the Case Of the Pitcher’s Pendant


I was just recently introduced to Tee Morris’ work with Billibub Baddings and the Case Of the Singing Sword.  I was immediately struck with how well Tee balances the world of fantasy with crime noir. He created a rich world with fleshed out characters you got to know and love. If I were forced to compare Billi’s world with another, the closest would be Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files, but that’s just because both series have a foot planted firmly in the fantasy world as well as the crime noir world. That’s where the similarities end. Tee has definitely set these books in their own universe that completely sucks you in.

With his second book, It would have been very easy for Tee to just leave his stories set only in the ugly underside of Chicago. Thank God he didn’t! He takes the opportunity to build on the world he’s created and brought back fond memories for myself. I don’t watch baseball on tv, but I’ll go to a game any time. Tee richly recreated the atmosphere that is only achieved when you go to a major league ball game in setting up the story.

It’s not as if I needed any help, but his attention to detail in that one scene hooked me even more and I enjoyed the ride the rest of the way. I’d highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fantasy and 40’s crime drama.

You can pick up Billibub Badding’s and the Case of the Pitcher’s Pendant at Amazon.com.

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Dave Minkus

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