SG Casting Rumors: Batman 3 (Dave)

So I was out and about on the streets of Colorado Springs this morning and a bum at the corner of Academy and Powers gave me a great tip on what’s going on with the next Batman movie!

It turns out that Warner Brothers has decided not to work with Christopher Nolan on the next film and have decided to go in an entirely new direction.   It sounds like they’re going to move forward with an adaptaion of the Elseworlds tale of Batman vs. Dracula.  Being VERY impressed with what Jason Segel did with the Dracula musical in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, they’ve convinced him to delay the proper Muppet Movie to take on Batman muppet-style.  They’ve apparently also secured the rights to The Count from Sesame Street, so they won’t have to pay for a big name to voice Dracula.


The other principles were wary of this idea initially, but everyone immediately got on board when they found out they’d be paid in line with the previous films but just have to record lines in the their pajamas.

If this goes well, we very well may end up seeing a Miss Piggy version of Wonder Woman if the rate of return is high enough on Batman vs. Dracula.

NOTE:  With the complete lack of journalistic integritiy regarding recent casting rumors having to do with Christopher Nolan’s next Batman film, we thought we’d get in on the fun and pull some news out of our arses as well.  We just aren’t passing it off as legit.

Essentially, if you see SG Casting Rumors as the title of the story, trust it as much as you would a story at The Onion (not the AV club, though.  Those guys rule).


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