SGR Episode 71 – The Lady Eve

This week, we tackle Preston Sturges’ The Lady Eve.  If romantic comedies would turn out like this today, they would be taken seriously as films.  This film is available in two editions that we can recommend.  First, there’s the obligatory Criterion edition that packed with extras.  Secondly, this is available as part of the Preston Sturges Filmmaker Collection.  There are no extras to be had, but you can get 7 films (including Sullivan’s Travels) for $47 shipped.  Actual notes will appear after the jump.


Bruno Footage from SXSW
Jetfire is a pimp…or an old fogie
TF3 has a release date, or doesn’t
Stan Bush is remaking The Touch
Chris Pine rumored for Hal Jordan
Your Highness greenlit
Year One trailer
Sorority Row trailer
One minute of Up
Up opening at Cannes
Indy, the pedophile?
Benjamin Button getting the Criterion treatment
Bryan Fuller wants to make another Trek series
Dennis Quaid and Julianne Moore cast as the Clintons
Where the Wild Things Are poster
Gobstopper Trailer
Neil Gaiman on The Colbert Report

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