Night Courtin’ – Episodes 8-10


    Episode 8 : This was probably my favorite episode so far. It basically concerns Larroquette in love. And how the girl he likes doesn’t like him back and it evolves into a big complication involving Harry, Bull and concert tickets. Basically, this episode delivered on the Larroquette front. And that is what I watch this show for.

    I’m guessing at one point during the series’ 9-Season run that Harry will hook up with that girl on the show who’s name I’m forgetting. I’m sure that if this is true and you’re a fan of the show, you’re rolling your eyes or something. It would be like staring to watch Seinfeld from the beginning and saying that you’d predict there would be an episode about jerking off.

    Episode 9 : This episode was Lana acting crazy after taking some medication to treat her sickness. I now remember her name because it was said a million times during this episode. Funny thing about that is during the cold opening it’s constantly mentioned how awful and sick she looks. She doesn’t really look that bad. She just looks pissed off. And how I said that her and Harry would hook up in the write-up for the last episode? WOAH IT KINDA SORTA HAPPENED IN THIS ONE.

    There’s a subplot in this episode concerning the latest prosecuted guy being a man dressed as a clown. This made me only think more of an alternate version of Tim Burton’s Batman where Larroquette played Harvey Dent. But did Jack Nicholson and Billy Dee Williams have any scenes together? Well in this alternate version, it would be the entire movie.

    Episode 10 : This episode felt a little different. It had a slightly different opening credits sequences, slightly different haircuts for some characters and Bull wearing a differnet uniform. Crazy! And I read that this was Lana’s last episode. This makes me wonder if this was the beginning of the Network retooling the show a bit to make it more popular. What also makes me think this is because the episode features super special guest star Yakov Smirnoff as you guessed it…a wacky Russian. It makes me wonder if the network wanted a zany big-name guest star for the first episode of the “retooled” Night Court. They figured that the zany guest stars what drew people into the show in the first place. That of course is wrong. It was always Larroquette. But I’m interested to see where it goes from here.

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