Night Courtin’ – Episodes 2-4


Episode 2 : The sign that this episode was going to work for me was when in the first image of the episode, a man dressed as Santa Claus in court, did not garner any laugh track reaction. In fact the overall episode lacked the laugh track overkill. I really appreciate that in this day and age of iCarly. Okay yes, I have overheard episodes that my little sisters have watched. I don’t actually seek them out on my own, that’s more of a Barry thing to do.

But anyway, this episode is surprisingly dramatic. It concerns a man who may or may not be Santa Claus and a troubled teen played by super special guest star Marty McFly. Whom you may remember from Casualties of War. The plot is kind of silly and cliched in a lot of ways. But I really appreciated it for trying to be a little dramatic. I guess you could say the same thing about that episode of Saved by The Bell where Jesse becomes addicted to diet pills. But we all know that episode is a classic anyway.

Episode 3 : The image of John Larroquette smoking a pipe is one that makes me want to do two things. One of those being taking up smoking pipes, other being dressing up as John Larroquette for Halloween. I had already promised a friend that I would be sporting a Short Round costume, but the call of the Larroquette is too small.

Anyway, this episode was about some of the mystery surrounding Judge Harry Stone. In a rather dramatic moment (Why so serious Night Court?), he reveals the one crime he committed. I said before that lead actor Harry Anderson bore a strong resemblance to a Dana Carvey/Ted Danson hybrid-being. But I realized that he also looks like Nick Nolte at angels. We just need a mugshot to know how true that really is.

Episode 4 : Maybe it was just my ADD kicking in, but this episode felt a little slow-paced at times. It features Judge Harry Stone dealing with his mom and stuff. I like both the character and the actor. But I watch this show for Larroquette. And I do appreciate the show’s attempts at drama. But that is becoming such a cliche for me to say that I think I will stop.

During the episode I thought of a haiku about Larroquette that I could compose. But I decided to save that for later. Probably when I get to the end of the first season. Ya dig?

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  1. I am VERY curious to see what you think of the later episodes. Season one was..rough(?) in that they didn’t quite seem to have a feel for what they wanted the show to be.
    As the seasons progressed and cast changes took place they got what can only be described as “zany”. Some over the top that it would take a fan of Andy Kaufman to find the humor. (Not saying that is a bad thing, just saying.)
    Not sure if any of these comments will get you to explore the rest of the run or not.

  2. I’ll definitely be watching as much of the series as I can. The problem is that only the first two seasons are available on DVD.

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