Flynn Lives Extra From Tron Legacy Blu-Ray Leaked!

While I may have found myself being disaapointed by Tron Legacy the first time I saw it, I really enjoyed it more the second time around.  All the nervousness and expecations were gone by the second time I saw it, and I was able to just watch the film and enjoy it for what it was.

That may very well explain why I was so excited to see this short that will be included o

n the Tron Legacy Blu-Ray.  Acting as a bridge between the second and possible third films, it's a fun watch and also gives a sense of closure from the Flynn Lives ARG.  Usually, a studio just lets the game die, but I've got to give Disney credit for having some form of payoff for the game.  Check it out and let us know what you think!

[youtube GaodH483Ako]


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Dave Minkus

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