Full Don’t Be Afraid Of the Dark Trailer

I know this trailer has been online for a couple weeks via Yahoo! Movies, but it’s so good I had to post it here.  A lot of horror movies recently have been trying to make their mark either with the most twisted and jacked up imagery possible, an overload of jump scares or trying to more of a dark comedy than a horror film.  Fortunately, films like Insidious and House of the Devil have been raising the bar for horror by doing what makes for a truly effective fright flick:  You build the tension continually, have legitimate scares (jump scares or otherwise) and don’t let the audience off the hook with much humor.  I get the exact same feeling when watching the trailer for Don’t Be Afraid Of the Dark.  If you like horror but haven’t given this a chance, you really owe it to yourself to check this out.  It’s not too often that a trailer can freak me out, but this one does it perfectly.

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Dave Minkus

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  1. Great points. The whole ‘fake scare’ tactic should be illegal. But I really want to see the original “Dark” again. It scared the dickens out of me as a kid. I can still hear those voices murmuring, “Sally, we waaaaaant you.” It might hold up terribly, but I don’t care!

    And you would think given “Insidious'” strong box office performance that studios would be itching to copy it. Isn’t that how Hollywood works?

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