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Physics: Does It Really Matter In Movies?

It’s clear after watching Fast Five that director Justin Lin flunked physics in

high school. How else can you explain the film’s delirious action sequences, moments where both actors and cars zoom across the screen as if untethered by gravity?

The film’s signature chase (mild spoiler alert!) involves two cars dragging a massive safe across the highway. You don’t need an abacus to realize they probably wouldn’t get very far doing that in real life, let alone out-race a squadron of cop cars in hot pursuit.

Audiences clearly don’t seem to mind the liberties taken by Vin Diesel and co. The film hauled in $85 million in its first weekend and continues to rake in the cash.


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Could Arthur Spell Trouble for Russell Brand?

Russell Brand may be in for a long weekend.

The bawdy British comic takes over

for Dudley Moore in the just-released remake of the 1981 classic Arthur.

The early reviews have been withering. And the initial two trailers won’t convince many movie goers to give Brand’s latest a try. Not only are there few laughs to be found in either, they leave a main character on the cutting room floor – Greta Gerwig as Arthur’s love interest.

That might doom Arthur 2.0 to box office oblivion.

But Brand isn’t to blame for bad marketing, and since every other ‘80s favorite is being rebooted it’s hard to say Arthur deserved special protection.


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