Film Review: Brave

by Lydia Winningham
Score: 2.5/4

Who doesn’t love a fiery redhead with strong character? Those of you who just raised your hands will be disappointed in the new CG-animated film, Brave, but the rest of us have been anticipating Scottish accents, slapstick humor, kilts, and a summer blockbuster that Pixar has done everything in its power to promote. Video games, featurette-length trailers, and an assortment of dolls and costumes hit the store shelves well before you could even get in line to buy tickets.

I betray nothing not already seen in the trailers by divulging that the story starts with young Merida learning she is about to become the trophy in a contest between the most eligible young men in Scotland. What you have already seen in the trailers, though, walks a careful line of half-truth editing, and the story soon takes a sharp right turn into the magical highlands of Scotland by following the recognizable trail of glowing bread crumbs now standardized by the video game industry.

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