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Starfest Entertainment Convention Denver Colorado

I do apologize for all these Starfest releated stories to those who won’t be able to attend.  We’re just really excited about it and we’re at t minus 28 days. 

Here’s where it appeals to everyone.  Right now, Starland is running a contest to see who can drive the most hits to their site leading up to Starfest.  The winner will win two autograph tickets of their choice.  Obviously, we’re doing all this pimping for Starfest just to get people excited.  In that same vein, should we win, I will take one of those autograph tickets, buy something extremely cool related to the guest involved, get it signed and give it away on this site.  One example would be getting a Jayne figure from the Serenity toys and get it signed by Adam Baldwin.

If everyone were to click the banner at the top of our page at least once a week, I’m pretty sure that we could win.  Besides, if you haven’t checked out what’s going on, you really should so you can get an idea of what we’ll be covering.  Josh, Barry and I will all be up there covering this glorious geekfest for all three days and we’ll have some extra help as well.  This should let us not only interview the main guests, but also cover Horrorfest (more on that in a near-future post) as well panels and the other goings on at the con.  This should be a REALLY good time.


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